Domino's are hiring a garlic bread taster in Australia and our bellies, they rumble 3 years ago

Domino's are hiring a garlic bread taster in Australia and our bellies, they rumble

The dream.

What's your first garlic bread memory?


Were you a child, sitting at the dinner table, surprised by the divine taste of the bread in your mouth?

Or maybe you were a toddler, strapped into your buggy, clumsily clutching the soggy baguette in your tiny fist.

Or perhaps you were even an adult, robbed of the finer things in life right up until this moment, when the succulent and pungent bread passes your lips.

Either way, each and everyone of us had tried it - and each and everyone of us has loved it.


A staple of every decent Italian-based meal, the bread has become an absolute necessity when it comes to dinner time, lunch time, and probably breakfast time, let's be honest.

And as if all of those meals weren't enough to satisfy our G Bread needs, Domino's in Australia are actually hiring someone to be their actual garlic bread taster.

Imagine, like.


Just imagine.

The job posting (which was shared on actual LinkedIn, by the way), requires applicants to explain in 200 words (or a 3o0 seconds video) why they should be hired as the company's bonafide Chief Garlic Bread Taste Tester.

And yes, that is the official job title.

The posting insists that the ideal candidate must have:

  • Never met a carb they didn’t like
  • Does not identify as a vampire
  • Understands the perfect ‘crunch to softness’ ratio
  • Is passionate about food, innovation and having fun

Sound like you? Of course it does.

The chosen candidate should also have minimum five years experience eating garlic bread (check), working taste buds (yes), and a history of burning their fingers while being unable to wait for garlic bread to cool down (indeed).

The job is, unfortunately, only for one day though, so although you'll be getting $30 per hour for a seven and a half hour shift, that's the only shift you'll be getting.


But hey, they are including a pizza lunch, so who among us can really complain?

You can find out more about the job here.