Domino's had a strange way of delivering some pizzas in Dublin this morning 4 years ago

Domino's had a strange way of delivering some pizzas in Dublin this morning


When you order a Domino's, you general expect it to arrive via bike, car, or drone (maybe not drone, but one day guys).


This morning, however, the lads over at the pizza chain decided they'd mix things up a bit and deliver a hand full of pizzas around Dublin on a penny farthing bicycle.

Yeah, they actually did, like.

Here's a few pics to prove it.


There your man is, now.

Delivering his pizzas.


On a penny farthing.

As you do.

Unsurprisingly, this is not Domino's latest attempt to slice (ha) their delivery time in half, but their celebration of Bloomsday.


June 16 marks the annual commemoration of the day that James Joyce's Ulysses is set.

The book featured Leopold Bloom wandering the streets of Dublin, having the chats, and eating some kidneys.

Now, however, it appears as if old Poldy has switched his kidney for some pizza and we honestly don't blame him all that much.

Aiga Mariana Grisan, Domino’s Drumcondra Store Manager said:


“Dublin city springs to life in celebration of the Bloomsday festival each year so I’m delighted Domino’s is marking the anniversary of the great James Joyce’s Ulysses with a special penny farthing delivery in his honour.

"We like to think Leopold Bloom would have appreciated our freshly handmade Pepperoni Passion somewhat more than a gorgonzola sandwich!”