This old-time recipe for a 'donut salad' is confusing lots of people 4 years ago

This old-time recipe for a 'donut salad' is confusing lots of people


Or not... either way it's definitely a bit mad.


Some people love salads. Some people hate them. Some people don't care either way.

But with the introduction of a Chopped on every single corner, it's safe to say that the green-leafed goodness simply isn't as boring as it used to be back in the day.

Or so we thought.

A tweet has recently surfaced detailing a vintage recipe for a so-called prune and cream cheese donut salad.


We don't really know how to feel other than intrigued, mildly disgusted, but also kinda hungry.

The tweet shared by political scientist Paul Fairie is captioned: "If this can be a salad, you can be anything."


And we're inclined to agree.

The (strange) concoction includes:

1/4 pound cream cheese

4 prunes


4 donuts

4 lettuce leaves (wow, loads)

The recipe then explains how to create the delicious donut salad.

First, you cut the donut into quarters, spread cream cheese on the sides, and stick it back together.

Then, you place the donut on the leaves, stick four prunes either side of it, and you're done.


(The prunes must also be stuffed with cream cheese, just so you know.)

This delectable meal apparently serves four people, which is great news for those of us who are struggling to think of something to whip up for the next family get together.

Understandably, people were more than a little bit confused by the recipe.

"Is this a salad or a sandwich?" asked one person.

"That's worse than a Snickers salad," said another.

One person even went so far as to make the donut salad themselves. Whether they ate it afterwards or not remains to be seen.