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The drink predicted to be huge in 2018 is pretty rank altogether
Nope. This will never touch our lips. Ever.

Ew, no.

Not even if you paid me.

While pink gin, prosecco and unicorn lattes soared in 2017, they were all something we could hop on board with (especially pink gin).

They're delicious, refreshing, tasty drinks that we wouldn't mind drinking on the reg.

However, Deliveroo has predicted what food and drink are going to be massive in 2018, and we are pretty disgusted by one of them.

OK, are you ready for it? Brace yourselves... CHEESE TEA.

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We kid you not.

The research articles says, "we're not talking about a wheel of brie balanced on top of your brew – this is an iced tea topped with a ladle of a fluffy cream cheese mixture that's either sweetened or sprinkled with salt."


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Nope, sorry... we are not OK with this.

While other items predicted to be big this year are poke bowls and burritos, cheese tea is never going to touch our lips. Ever.

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