This Dublin restaurant is now serving brunch and glorious Greek iced coffees 2 years ago

This Dublin restaurant is now serving brunch and glorious Greek iced coffees

Looking for somewhere to brunch this bank holiday weekend in Dublin city centre?

Maybe somewhere with outdoor seating, delicious food and an extensive range of cocktails and beers?


Well, look no further than Urban Brewing located at the CHQ Building in Dublin 1.

The resturant known for its delectable tapas and tasty beers is now serving brunch at the weekend and it'll leave you drooling.

I was lucky enough to try out the menu last weekend and I was beyond pleased with the choice and the fact that not everything was "egg orientated" like many brunch places do wrong.

From vegetarian options like a watermelon and feta salad to hearty lunch style options like a steak sandwich or a mouth-watering beef and black bean chilli, the menu offers a variety of choice at reasonable prices varying from €12.50 - €15.


I chose the hake tacos with a side of fries with truffle mayonaise, anything truffle on a menu is my absolute weakness because it just makes life so much better (and tasty!)

Now, the portion was so generous, I probably didn't need the fries. I got three soft tacos with hake that was cooked perfectly, not too dry, and accompained with lime hummus, white onion salsa, sweetcorn and picante verde.

Here's a look at my dish.


Being good for once, I opted not to have an alcoholic drink but instead, treated myself to a Freddo coffee. A Freddo coffee is a Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee, water, ice cubes and sugar. The Greeks drink these all year round given their hot climate as do many in Cyprus and Italy too.

Not only are they astetcially pleasing, they're also divine and you can get a Freddo mocha, Freddo cappicino or simply a black iced coffee at Urban Brewing for €5.

I'd suggest the Freddo mocha as pictured below.


Aside from that, one option on the menu that really caught my eye (and is very different to anywhere I've brunched before), it was the choice to get a picnic basket of food for two for €30.

The bakset includes bread, hummus, serrano ham, cheese of the day, grapes, crackers, watermelon slices and almonds to name a few bits. Perfect for a date.

You can check out Urban Brewing's brunch menu here or book a table by ringing them here.

Feature image - @ubrewingdublin Instagram