This Dublin restaurant's €11 vegan pizza is the ultimate treat for any veggie 2 years ago

This Dublin restaurant's €11 vegan pizza is the ultimate treat for any veggie

Know what day it is?

It's World Vegetarian Day - celebrating and promoting vegetarianism all across the globe, bringing awareness to its health, ethical, humanitarian and environmental benefits.


And nowadays, people are finding the switch to the veggie side a lot easier. One of these reasons is due to the fact that restaurants are now offering larger menus with a wide variety of vegan and veggie options (we eat more than side salads, you know), and although it's a slow progression, there's still a lot more on offer than this time 10 years ago and the fear of dining out sans meat has become a thing of the past.

And one place where you'll only be gagging for the veggie option - this goes out to all folk regardless of foodie preference, is the vegan pizza FEAST from the Big Blue Bus at The Bernard Shaw.

This pizza, called the "Volumptuous Vegan" is a dream bite featuring oregano, cashew nuts, baby spinach, wild and local mushrooms, peppers, sundried tomatoes, red onion, tomato sauce and served alongside some vegan red pesto.

Deceased - it's a firm fave amongst customers and will only set you back €11.


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And the best thing about heading to The Bernard Shaw for grub? You can then wash down your grub with a pint or what we always opt for... a G&T.

Heaven. You can check their full menu here.