Dublin is the third most expensive city in the world for fish and chips 2 years ago

Dublin is the third most expensive city in the world for fish and chips

And today in not at all surprising news...

When it comes to cuisine, Dublin is known for a few things.


Coddle is one. Guinness pie is (unfortunately) another.

And then there's fish and chips - the holy grail of Dublin food, enjoyed by resident and tourist alike, always delicious no matter where you grab it from.

As it turns out though, there is one thing about Dublin fish and chips that makes it not so ideal: the price of it.

Just like rent, alcohol, and general cost of living, Dublin is again one of the most expensive in the entire world when it comes to fish and chips.


At the top of the list with the most expensive is Copenhagen, Denmark with the US's Alaska (randomly enough) coming in second.

Dublin is, naturally, third, followed by London, UK.

Conducted by Tombola, the study showed that, on average, the most expensive fish and chips in the world comes in at a considerable €17.92.


That's in Copenhagen, but the price doesn't fare much better here in Ireland with the average meal costing customers around €16.20 in Dublin.

Harrowing data, all the same.

The full list of incredibly expensive fish and chips can be found below:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark


2. Alaska, USA

3. Dublin, Ireland

4. London, UK

5. Stockholm, Sweden

6. Canberra, Australia


7. Berlin, Germany

8. Ottawa, Canada

9. Rome, Italy

10. Cape Town, South Africa

The more you know, wha?