Eat crisps for a living? SIGN US UP 5 years ago

Eat crisps for a living? SIGN US UP

We should probably calm ourselves, the position is overseas, but a move for crisps seems reasonable right?

Walkers is hiring for a 'super tester', whose primary role will be to determine  the quality of potato snacks (goes online and books flight immediately).


The role pays £8.51 an hour, here's the kicker... you would have to re-locate to Leicestershire and of course the issue of the expanding tummy could come into play.

We're still fully committed!

So what attributes do you need to become the world's best crisp taste tester? No food intolerances is a must, you must be a non-smoker, and be prepared to try a wide variety of foods and beverages.



Walkers' is actually owned by the Pepsi Cola company, so you might have to try the odd Dorito and drink some Tropicano as well (confirms flights).

Matt Cullingworth, Walkers' sensory expert, told the Mirror they're looking for someone with a heightened sense of taste with the ability to give strong feedback.

Now, will Gary Lineker greet us off the flight?