Eating peanut butter could combat obesity, study finds 5 years ago

Eating peanut butter could combat obesity, study finds

It doesn’t matter what the reasoning is, any study that suggests eating peanut butter gets our attention.

A recent experiment apparently found that snacking on peanut butter or peanuts up to four times a week could help to combat obesity.


The 12-week study (conducted by the University of Houston Department of Health and Human Performance, Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Woman’s University) involved Hispanic children aged 11-13 at risk of being overweight or obese.


According to The Health Site, it was found that those who followed an eating plan that included a snack of peanuts or peanut butter three to four times a week reduced their Body Mass Index, compared to those who had the snack less than once a week.


Researcher concluded that, while snacking can be unhealthy, consuming peanut butter or peanuts can be a healthier alternative to other food products.

The findings of the study were published in the Journal of Applied Research on Children.

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