This expert has revealed which 3 foods can make your PMS way (way!) worse 4 years ago

This expert has revealed which 3 foods can make your PMS way (way!) worse

If you – like so many of us – suffer majorly in the days leading up to your period every month, you might be relieved to hear that there could be a non-medicinal way to feel better. 

According to gynecologist and hormone and integrative medicine expert Anna Cabeca, certain foods will trigger your PMS and make it far worse, meaning they are best avoided – especially that time a month.

In fact, Cabeca goes as far as saying the following foods should be eliminated or at least kept to an absolute minimum for most women, but especially those suffering from PMS:

Refined sugars

We all know by now that refined sugars are your body's worst enemy, and can quickly make you both older, sicker and fatter. Did you also know that it can play total havoc with your hormones? Yup, that's right – and as hormones are in charge of your reproductive system and organs, staying away from the white stuff will make a huge difference to your menstrual cycle.


More and more people are swapping cow's milk for vegan options like almond milk, rice milk or even oat milk. And for good reason. “Conventional dairy can be laden with hormones and antibiotics, which can contribute to hormonal imbalance in a woman’s already delicate system," explains Cabeca.  "Many women who greatly reduce and/or eliminate dairy from their diets will see significant improvements in their PMS symptoms.”

Processed Foods

Eating food that is as close to its natural stage as possible is what is best for our bodies. This also matter to our reproductive organs. “Eating a clean, balanced, whole-foods based diet is the best way to ensure you’re receiving optimal nutrients to help support healthy periods," Cabena reveals.