Expert says brides want THIS type of cake for 2018 weddings 3 years ago

Expert says brides want THIS type of cake for 2018 weddings


I love cake.

I really, really do, so much so that I've been known to have long-winded conversations about one's favourite cake on numerous occasions (chocolate, coffee, carrot to name but a few).

Wedding cakes are even more exciting because it tends to include more than one flavour and looks significantly prettier than your average, run of the mill gateau.

One expert has shared her thoughts on what cake is likely to reign supreme when it comes to 2018 weddings and we're hungry just thinking about it.

In conversation with My Domaine, Naomi Henderson of Hello Naomi, baker extraordinaire, explained why she thinks there is one type of cake about to make a huge comeback.


Buttercream, which will come as delightful news for anyone who experiences icing cravings...I know it's not just me.


It's tasty, affordable when compared to other wedding cakes and it looks so FAB when paired with fresh floral arrangements.

"Buttercream is a delicious and cost-effective option that brides are opting for. They are asking for a soft, full buttercream finish with fresh flowers as decoration. I find that this trend is perfect for a relaxed style wedding".

Just look at Naomi's creation below and wait until you hear what it includes..."Nutella bottom tier, strawberry and cream middle tier and salted caramel top tier!"


Naomi says she loves minimalism and so, she's delighted to see it in cake form explaining that a simple design with a clean finish is both elegant and sophisticated.

The talented baker also says that buttercream wedding cakes can be presented in two ways, with a smooth fondant finish or there's also the option of a soft, textured buttercream finish.