Fish and chips are half price in over 150 chippers all over Ireland today 4 years ago

Fish and chips are half price in over 150 chippers all over Ireland today

National Fish and Chips day, sure you can’t bait it.

As fish and chips enthusiasts are no doubt well aware, today, May 31, is National Fish and Chips Day and for the eighth year in succession in Ireland, chippers throughout the country will be giving away the good stuff for half price.


Surely as good an excuse to trout yourself as any?

All ITICA (Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association) chippers throughout Ireland (there are over 150 of them) will be celebrating National Fish and Chips Day by providing half price fish and chips to customers, continuing a tradition that first started in 2010.

Commenting on the celebration of the big day this year, Peter Borza of ITICA said: “We look forward to ITICA National Fish & Chips Day every year.

“It is a hectic but fun-filled day that gives us the opportunity to celebrate 128 years of the ‘one and one’ and most importantly to thank our local communities for their ongoing support.

“We established ITICA back in January 2010 to highlight the heritage behind the Irish Italian chippers in Ireland, and emphasise what makes our family run chippers unique. The response each ITICA National Fish & Chips Day over the past three years has been amazing and we hope that everyone will join in again this year.”

If you want to avail of an offer that is pretty much off the scales as far as generosity is concerned, you can find your nearest ITICA restaurant via the directory on the ITICA website here.


It looks like the weather has decided to play ball, so why not get off that perch, stop carping and enjoy some cut-price fish and chips for the day that’s in it?

Just for the halibut.