Out for drinks? Five of the absolute best BYOB spots in Dublin 3 years ago

Out for drinks? Five of the absolute best BYOB spots in Dublin

Eating glorious food and saving some cash - what could be better?

If you're in Dublin and fancy a drink this weekend, why not combine it with a fab dinner or activity in the city?


We're heading into cans by the canal weather and with (hopefully) plenty of sunny days ahead, our favourite BYOB places are calling our names.

There are plenty of serious spots around the city but here are our ultimate favourites.

Some charge corkage and others don't but all are worth a checking out, even if you're not drinking.




Wexford Street and Baggot Street


A noodle and sushi lover's dream, and very reasonably priced to boot.

Corkage: €4




Camden Street and Swords

Enjoy some of the best hummus we've ever had and very sound service. If you're heading with a group, we recommend that you order a load of starters and share around so you can sample everything - you'll have no need for mains.

Corkage: Free



Cafe Bliss

Montague Street

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Cheap and cheerful, this little restaurant is a bit of a hidden gem. And with free garlic bread, you couldn't go far wrong.

Corkage: Free




Enjoy Moroccan and Mediterranean fare by the canal on Mespil Road. The food is fab and the vibe will make you want to head out after.

Corkage: Free



Gallagher and Co.

D'Olier Street

A stylish spot with a good buzz and a menu that's varied enough to please everyone.

Corkage: Free