Four pubs in Limerick you need to go to (especially in this good weather) 4 years ago

Four pubs in Limerick you need to go to (especially in this good weather)

That's Limerick City!

Although Limerick doesn’t have as many options as Dublin when it comes to beer gardens, it does have some pretty decent spots to enjoy some food or drink with your gal pals or a hot date.


The Locke Bar

This is THE place to go for a couple of drinks on a sunny day in Limerick. They have benches outside and a couple of heaters scattered around just in case you get a bit chilly. There’s traditional Irish music every night so before you leave the house, throw on some Converse or Vans so that you can have a proper dance when you get there. They serve food that is to die for and the atmosphere in the pub is the perfect amount of rowdyness. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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Cobblestone Joes


If you are crazy about pizzas you need to get your ass into Cobblestone Joes. Honestly, their cheesy doughy delights are the best in town and are just melt in the mouth. There’s great atmosphere and the entertainment every night is A+. They clear out the tables on the cobbles outside at night and casually turn it into a dance floor so it’s ideal for those of you who like to get down on the dance floor. 

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House Limerick

House Limerick is an ideal place to catch up with some friends and grab a bite to eat. They have the best cocktail bar in the city. Now, some of the drinks on their menu are a tad bit expensive but we think you should treat yourself while you are there. They also have a small plates menu that gives you the option to choose a few dishes instead of one large dish which is perfect for those who can never make up their mind about what to get. The bar can be busy enough at times so you might want to call ahead and book a table before you go. 


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The Curragower

The Curragower is located right across the river from King John’s Castle. It’s a super relaxed pub and a prime location to watch the sunset while having a drink or two in the evening. We’d recommend you pop in to try any of their seafood dishes, their chowder is a massive hit with the locals. The staff are so friendly and are very helpful if you’ve any dietary requirements. If you are visiting the castle, you should definitely pop in here afterwards. 

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