Gift guide: Tasty Christmas presents for the foodie in your life 1 year ago

Gift guide: Tasty Christmas presents for the foodie in your life

Hungry to impress?

Well, you've come to the right place.


It's Christmas very soon, which means that - unless you've got no mates - you're probably already considering what you're going to purchase for all of the loved ones in your life.

And although we've already wet your whistle with some stunning gym bunnies and green fingered gift ideas, those are fairly niche so here's something more universal: food.

Everyone likes food. Can't go wrong, tbh.

1. Personalised baking set - €39.99 - Littlewoods 

Personal and practical, what more could you want?

Littlewoods are currently selling a delightful bowl, spoon, and rolling pin harbouring your foodie's name, which means that they are likely to be both surprised and honoured to be the recipient of such a lovely foodie gift.

The Baked With Love set will include the person's name on each of the products too, just in case there was any confusion as to who owned the bits.


2. Butlers Chocolate Cookbook - €20.00 - Dubray  

Need we say more?

Just in time for Christmas, the Irish chocolate masters have put together a stunning - and very aesthetically pleasing - recipe book consisting of a tonne of chocolate treats.

Everything from occasion cakes to mousses to delicious brownies are included in the book, so your foodie mate will never be stuck for baking #inspo ever again.


3. Howth Castle Cookery School classes - from €90 - Howth Castle 

For the boujie foodie in your life this Christmas.

The lovely lads over Howth Castle Cookery Cooking School have just launched 40 new classes for the winter and spring months, meaning that instead of just eating the food, now you can learn how to cook it too.


The classes include everything from veggie recipes to Indian treats to sustainable fish to gourmet pizzas, so no matter what your foodie's vice, chances are there'll be a cooking class to suit them.

So go on, be sound, book them one here. 

4. NutShed Christmas gift box - €25.00 - NutShed 


Peanut butter, raw goodness - what more could you ask for?

Ireland's own tasty (oil free!) peanut butter has been making baking more delicious since 2018, and now they've got their own Christmas gift box perfect for the nut-mad gal or guy in your life.

The box contains 12 hand-rolled orbs of energy including ginger spice, orange & sesame, and lemon and turmeric.

They're also totally vegan, and free from any gluten, dairy or refined sugar. Divine.

5. Dingle Gin Christmas bauble - €15.99 - Drink Store 

Ah, the gin bauble - the necessary gimmick for any event of note.

Although many people enjoy consuming their gin from glasses, many other people prefer drinking it straight from a Christmas bauble that they can also hang on their tree.

And lucky for you, this here product is already full of Dingle Gin for your foodie mate to feast their eyes on.

6. Downton Abbey Cocktail Book - €20.99 - Easons 

Got a thirsty mate? Got a thirsty mate who also loves drinking? Got a thirsty mate who loves drinking and also Downton Abbey?

Well, in that case, you're sorted - because the official Downton Abbey Cocktail Book is here - and it includes about 70 cocktail recipes so yeah, decent enough shout.

There's pre-drinks drinks, dinner drinks, party drinks, and even drinks to help your hangover - sorted, whatever the occasion.

7. T&G spice rack - €29.56 - Arnotts 

Every good foodie needs a good spice rack - so here's one you can buy for your mates no problem.

Now, the rack itself - although being a lovely cream colour and really quite delightful - doesn't actually come with any of the spices, so you're going to have top hit up Lidl too if you're wanting to fill it.

Extra effort, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

8. Donal Skehan's Super Food in Minutes - €14.99 - Easons 

Donal's a guy who knows what he's talking about when it comes to food.

He also knows what he's talking about when it comes to superfood, delicious food, and food you can make in minutes.

That's the reason why you should buy his new cookbook for your foodie mate this holiday season. They'll be using 10 ingredients or less to create detectable meals in no time.


9. Vegan dark chocolate truffles - €16.60 - Love Cocoa

Pricey, but a goodie - especially for the vegan in your life this festive season.

Covered in chocolate flakes and filled with hazelnuts, this 72 percent cocoa is from Peru, vegan friendly, and totally organic and Fair Trade.

They also come from ethical chocolate company Love Cocoa, a brand created by the great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury, James Cadbury.

So you know it's the good stuff.

(*Prices are not inclusive of delivery.)