Gin and tonic marmalade exists and breakfast just got way more exciting 1 year ago

Gin and tonic marmalade exists and breakfast just got way more exciting

Let's be honest here for a second.

Marmalade is not the most exciting condiment in the entire world.

A controversial statement, perhaps, and yet a true one, arguably.

If you want to have a generic slice of toast, you'll just spread a bit of butter on it, and if you want to have a fancy piece of toast you might use Nutella or peanut butter or another exciting spread.

Marmalade just really isn't on a lot of people's radars... that was, until, now.

Because gin and tonic marmalade now exists and the often boring and sometimes forgotten about condiment just got a lot more exciting.

Firebox has created the spreadable gin and tonic using a mix of alcohol, lemon, sugar, water, quinine extract, essential oils and citric acid.

The marmalade is totally safe to eat in the morning too as the reduction process means that it only contains three percent alcohol.

Still though, might want to be a bit careful with it if you're planning on driving.

According to Firebox, the product contains award-winning gin, is a great cocktail ingredient, won't give you hangover, and tastes really good in a cucumber sandwich.

Who knew?

Unfortunately for us though, the gin and tonic goodness is currently out of stock.

And even if it were in stock, Firebox don't ship the product to Ireland at the moment so it wouldn't really make a difference anyway.

Plus, it's over €11 for one jar, so you'd want to really be into this to actually buy it.

Oh well, we can always dream can't we?