Ginato: You can now get Pinot Grigio flavoured gin in Ireland 7 months ago

Ginato: You can now get Pinot Grigio flavoured gin in Ireland

Absolute scenes.

It's the weekend, and that means one of two things - you're either having a casual beverage comprised of gin tonight, or you're not.


You could also be indulging in an array of other drinks that are not at all gin related, but hey, that's not what we're here to talk about.

We're here to talk about gin. And, more specifically, a new gin just launched in Ireland that's Pinot Grigio flavoured. Yep, your two favourite beverages, coming together, in a collaboration the world hasn't seen the likes of since salt and caramel, or Terry's Chocolate Orange and hot chocolate. 

New to Ireland, Italian gin brand Ginato has just launched their Pinto Grigio gin.

A world first, the 43% ABV medium dry gin balances Pinot Grigio grapes and Sicilian lemons with Tuscan juniper berries, creating a citrus-y gin that's fresh, bright, and entirely tasty.

Honestly, just imagine the scene: you're sat in the gaff, hoping for a little tipple to wind down the night. You look to your left: gin. You look to your right: wine.

You want both but you couldn't possibly mix them. That would be carnage. You may never recover. Only then do you look behind you and spot the pert bottle of Ginato Pinot Grigio, waiting and ready. Divine.


The new brand don't just make Pinot Grigio flavoured gin, though.

They've also got an array of other flavours on the market, including Ginato Melograno, made from Barbera grape and Sicilian pomegranates, Ginato Clementino with Nebbiolo grape and Clementine oranges, and Ginato Pompelmo, made using Sangiovese Grape and Sicilian pink grapefruits.

Lots of gins, lots of choice. You're welcome. Just drink it responsibly, obviously.


Ginato is available to buy in select Tesco's now, or online.