Glitter beers are apparently a thing and we're not sure how to feel 4 years ago

Glitter beers are apparently a thing and we're not sure how to feel

We're big fans of all things sparkly at Her HQ.

From eyeshadows to runners and just about everything in between, there's nothing better to add a sparkle to a normal day.


But we're not too sure how to feel about the latest twinkling trend.

Sparkly doughnuts and glitter-filled coffees had their moments in the spotlight, another kind of shimmering food product has emerged.

Glitter beers are now apparently a thing, and they're totally hypnotising - but maybe a step to far.


According to Vice, a number of breweries across the globe have begun to introduce glitter-filled beers over the last little while.

And one of them was even set up as a tribute to a beloved '90s icon.

The glitter brew, created by North Carolina's Bold Missy Brewery, was done as a homage to Lisa Frank.


The beer - a lemon and pink peppercorn 6.8% ABV saison - is called Trapper Keeper. Talk about nostalgia.

Carli Smith, the head brewer at Bold Missy Brewery, told the publication:

“What better way to honor her legacy than with glitter?”

But it's far from the first glitter beer to be poured.


Vice notes that a number of the brewers were inspired by Three Weavers Brewing Company's Alex Nowell, who created an IPA with a pink hue called 'Mel's Sparkle Pony'.

Two years ago, the company even came up with a special beer for St Patrick's Day: combining silver and gold edible glitter and putting it into their Expatriate IPA.

The trend doesn't look to have made it over to Ireland just yet, but we're intrigued to see how this ends up.