Glitter gravy is here and it'll jazz up your turkey like there's no tomorrow 4 years ago

Glitter gravy is here and it'll jazz up your turkey like there's no tomorrow

Who among us doesn't love a bit of gravy on our dinner?

Well, vegetarians, vegans, and people who don't like gravy, probably.


For everybody else though, there's nothing better than slapping up a giant plate of grub, picking up that ceramic boat, and letting the gravy train take you on a wild ride.

There is one thing, though, that gravy has been missing for all these 724 years it's existed on this earth.

... And that's glitter.


Or not.

Maybe it hasn't been missing glitter at all and gravy is perfect just the way it is but people have started putting glitter in it in the lead up to Christmas so, sure look, this is where we are, we may as well deal with it.

This new jazzy gravy comes from the Hungry Horse pub in London.


But despite the fact that there are far too many peas and no potato gratin on that plate, we have to say, the glitter gravy is certainly giving that roast dinner a certain je ne sais quoi.

Lots of other people seemed to think so too because the video has only been viewed an impressed nine million times.

That's a lot of gravy fans.


The extra Christmas dinner addition isn't just available in this pub either - you can easily whip it up yourself at home by buying some edible glitter (please, make sure it's edible), and lashing it in the gravy.

Just think of the possibilities!

You could have glitter ketchup, glitter garlic sauce, glitter mayo... the list goes on.

To make your own glitter gravy, just follow this recipe to a T.


1. Make a gravy

2. Open edible glitter

3. Pour glitter into gravy

4. Mix

That's it, really.