Gone gluten-free? Here are 5 easy-peasy one-pot dinners you need in your life 6 years ago

Gone gluten-free? Here are 5 easy-peasy one-pot dinners you need in your life

More and more people are going gluten-free (despite the very low percentage of people who actually are coeliacs remaining more or less the same, according to experts).

However, if you have taken the plunge and opted for a lifestyle free from gluten, for whatever reason, you might be looking for a little inspiration when it comes to what the heck to make for dinner every night.


Well, don't worry, mamas, we got you. We have taken the liberty to round up five really yummy, and oh-so-easy to prepare (all in one pot even) dishes that are perfect for midweek dinners – and all entirely gluten free:

1. Paleo skillet beef fajitas

We love how these fajitas are not only Paleo-friendly and gluten-free, but also totally customizable. If you like things a little hot'n'spicy, add some jalapeño, or if you want something slightly more hearty, toss in some potatoes. Either way, they will taste yum.

(Recipe via A Healthy Life for Me)


2. Thai veggie quinoa bowl

Pre-cooked quinoa (that you can prepare the night before, even!) will make this salad even easier to toss together once you get home from work.

(Recipe via Avocado Pesto)


3. Summer vegetables with sausage and potatoes

Savoury, filling and will also work perfect in your lunch box the next day.

(Recipe via Skinnytaste)


4. Tuscan vegetable lentil soup

Sometimes you just can't beat a bowl of soup, and this one is so tasty, you will be making it again and again (and again!)

(Recipe via Yummy Mummy Kitchen)


5. Asian skillet slaw

This one is SO tasty! Think ground beef, ginger, carrots, cabbage and Chinese spices, this will even replace you Friday night take-out, we think!

(Recipe via Worth Cooking)