Nowadays it's all about vodka made from the 'tears of Mermaids' 1 year ago

Nowadays it's all about vodka made from the 'tears of Mermaids'

OMG just what we have been waiting for.

Said no one ever.

Still, just when we finally thought the unicorn phase had passed and we were able to save 2017, mermaid's invaded the land and now we're back to square one.

Mermaid clothes, slippers and now even vodka seems to be all the rage and we're just trying to take a second to let it all sink in.

Mermaid Tears vodka is made "from real mermaid tears" according to website Firebox and now we can sip on the sweet delight of these tears over ice or splashed into a cocktail as the site suggests.

Yep, for €44.79, we are interested to see will this product be a big seller amongst mermaholics (I think I just made up a word) in the run up to Christmas.

Firebox describes the product as follows...

"Escape your tedious reality and submerge your tastebuds in the smooth taste of Mermaid Tears Vodka. This sparkly spirit is made from premium French Grain Vodka and blended with the glistening tears of our line-caught Mermaid shoal."

The drink which comes in a clear bottle is glittery blue in colour, which must be something to do with all those magical tears they are adding. Hmmm.

If Mermaid Tears tickles your fancy, I am afraid to tell you that it is not available in Ireland however, that won't stop us from ordering it to our friends and family in the UK and making them bring it back here for Christmas. Success.