Gordon's Gin launches G&T ice pops and we are so ready for summer 3 years ago

Gordon's Gin launches G&T ice pops and we are so ready for summer


All the talk of summer fashion and sun holidays have us dreaming of refreshing drinks or maybe ice cream.


Or, a delicious combination of both perhaps?

Well, if this sounds like it would be your scene, prepare for some seriously exciting news.

The gorgeous humans at POPS have teamed up with Gordon's Gin to create a G&T popsicle.

How divine?


"Launched in June 2014, two old school friends, James and Harry, saw a gap in the market for a premium product with an innovative and contemporary concept to cater for growing trends and demand."

"With a vision to incorporate the nostalgia of a popsicle with the luxury attributes associated with Champagne, the world’s first Champagne ice popsicle, the CLASSIC, was born."

As the brand grew, so did the product range and they now offer a range of alcohol and alcohol-free popsicles, including the gorgeous new Gordon's one.



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A popsicle pair like no other ?#BreakTheIce

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Made with Gordon's London dry gin and real lime juice, the sorbet-esque popsicles are dairy and gluten-free and are low-alcohol at just 0.5%.

However, if you fancy getting more of a buzz on, POPS sell other flavours, that have a much higher alcohol content.

The Classic Champagne pop has 4.3 percent ABV, the Bellini one has 3.8 percent ABV and the Watermelon Martini has a whopping 4.8 percent.


The POPS are currently available in certain Supervalu stores in Dublin, Limerick and Waterford.

Roll on summer.