Gucci has opened a restaurant and the menu sounds delicious enough 1 year ago

Gucci has opened a restaurant and the menu sounds delicious enough

Aaand now we're hungry.

If there's one thing we weren't really expecting Gucci to hop on, it was the restaurant train.

They've only recently stated that they were going to stop using real animal fur and honestly, we didn't really think the brand were going to be delighting us for a long time.

And yet, here we are, because Gucci has just opened up a literal restaurant and the menu sounds delicious enough, to be honest.

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Gucci Osteria just opened up in Florence today and it's got three-Michelin star chef Massimo Bottura working there so you know it's gonna be good.

The restaurant is part of the Gucci Garden, a new museum that's dedicated to showcasing all things Gucci.

And in fairness to them, it does make sense that they have somewhere for everyone to eat once they're done looking at bags and shoes and other fashion related items.

Bottura said that his menu isn't just influenced by Italy either.

He said:

"Travelling the world, our kitchen interacts with everything we see, hear and taste."

Sounds decent.

However, it is specified that the menu includes two "iconic" Italian dishes of tortellini and pork belly buns.

We don't know exactly what else will be on the menu, but if there isn't at least a whisper of a pizza, we will be gravely disappointed.