Handy desk snacks you can take to work 5 years ago

Handy desk snacks you can take to work

Brought to you by Fibre One. 

Say goodbye to the 3pm slump.


Staying full all day at work is no easy task. There's an awful lot of time between breakfast, lunch and dinner, especially when you spend most of your working day sitting at your desk daydreaming about your next meal.

When the hunger pangs hit it can be very tempting to head straight to the office vending machine and buy yourself a cheeky bag of crisps or a huge bar of chocolate (guilty!).

But instead of eating something that will only keep your tummy happy for five minutes, why not try some of these handy and filling desk snacks instead?

We guarantee that they will tide you over until home time.



Keep a small stash of almonds at your desk so you can munch on them anytime you feel a little bit peckish. They are a great healthy snack packed full of fibre, protein and magnesium. Plus they are just so damn addictive.

Veg and hummus


The perfect combination! A little pot of hummus can go a long way when you're feeling the 3pm slump. It's packed full of protein so it will help keep hunger at bay. Add some carrots and you're on to a winner

Apple and peanut butter

It's so simple but so tasty. Keep a jar of peanut butter in the press at work for afternoon snack emergencies. It's healthy, filling and so easy to make. What's not to love?


Air popped popcorn

Popcorn is a great alternative for crisps, especially if you go for the low salt variety. It's easy to eat while you work and it will also fill you up quickly. It's not just for the cinema, dontcha know.

A guilt-free sweet treat


Sometimes you really just need something sweet. And you don't have to feel bad about it either. There are lots of great tasty treats that are healthy too. Fibre One have yummy Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Lemon Drizzle and Salted Caramel bars. At 90 calories per bar, you can't go wrong. Keep a box of them stashed under your desk at work. You might have to hide them from your colleagues or they could all be gone before lunch. You've been warned now.

This article is brought to you by Fibre One.

Fibre One bars have 90 calories and come in three delicious flavours, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Lemon Drizzle and Salted Caramel.