Happy National Jambon Day: a tentative celebration during this trying time 3 months ago

Happy National Jambon Day: a tentative celebration during this trying time

A vegan jambon? Say no more, fam.

The past few days have been trying, even for most calm, cool, and collected among us.

And although it may seem as though there is very little that could pull us out of this current rut, there is one thing that could make the current haze of horrendous-ness that little bit more bearable.


Today (March 18) marks National Jambon Day - a time for celebration, appreciation, and eating delicious pastries.

Golden Bake have been baking up a storm of ham and cheese jambons, pepperoni pizza jambons, and chicken fajita jambons for a considerable amount of time.

Even more recently, they've introduced a whole range of vegan bits into their assemblage - which is absolutely class for for those of us who love a good folded, tasty pastry but would rather not consume the meat and cheese that comes with it.

Curried cauliflower and sweet potato vegan jambons and vegan sausage rolls are now available to buy too - or if you're entirely lucky or indeed dedicated to the cause, you could even bag yourself an entire year's supply for free.

Name a more class situation during these trying times, dare you.

To avail of a potential entire year's supply of delightful tasty, flakey goodness, all you need to do is go ahead and post an SOS tagging @goldenbakeireland and using hashtag #NationalJambonDay across the Golden Bake's Twitter , Instagram and/or Facebook.

Not difficult in fairness, we're all in a constant state of SOS these days anyway, wha?

You can find out more about National Jambon Day here.