Popular low-calorie ice cream, Halo Top, has FINALLY arrived in Ireland 4 years ago

Popular low-calorie ice cream, Halo Top, has FINALLY arrived in Ireland


If you haven't tried Halo Top ice cream before, where in God's name have you been?


Alright, we'll be honest, we haven't tried it either, but we've been hearing a lot about it over the past few years and it's definitely been on our food-bucket-list for quite some time.

Creamy, delicious, low-calorie... it's got everything you want from an ice cream.

And now, it's finally reached Ireland.


Indeed, one of the US's most popular ice creams is now being sold in Tescos around Ireland and we absolutely cannot wait to sink our spoons into a few tubs of it.

With anywhere between 280 and 360 calories per tub, you can't go wrong really.

There's also an assortment of flavours to choose from too so if generic vanilla bean isn't your thing, why not chow down on some peanut butter cup or cinnamon roll or cookie dough goodness.


We're salivating just thinking about it, to be honest.

Now, we know what you're thinking - what's the catch? How can a tub of ice cream have so few calories?


Well we'll tell you how.

Halo Top use a sugar substitute called Stevia. They also throw another thing in there called Erythritol - a natural sweetener that's found in some fruits. 

Their ice cream is low in fat, high in protein, and basically a healthier treat than your average run-of-the-mill ice cream.

Oh, and the tubs they sell are 473ml instead of your typical 500ml but sure look, that's hardly a difference.


Halo Top ice cream is currently selling in Tesco for €6.49.

Finally, some good news.