Idris Elba is opening up a parrot-themed cocktail bar in London because of course 2 years ago

Idris Elba is opening up a parrot-themed cocktail bar in London because of course

Could the man get any more perfect, like?

Idris Elba is a man of many talents.


He's a class actor. He's a good DJ. He's probably a really good cook because he's got the face of somebody who would be.

And if someone were to ask us what would be the one thing Idris Elba could do to make him even more perfect, we'd have to go ahead and say open up a London-based parrot-themed cocktail bar featuring signature cocktails based on the 350 types of parrot from around the world.

Yeah, that'd do it.

How lucky for us then that that's exactly what Idris is planning to do in the next month or so as his new bar, aptly named The Parrot, is set to open its doors at London's Waldorf Hilton.

The Parrot will be a 60-seater exclusive bar experience where you can only get in if you're on the guest list, and if you want to drive your own car to the venue, you won't be allowed because a branded Aston Martin has to pick you up and drop you off.


Yes, really, this is what happens.

The Parrot will be, surprise surprise, tropical themed too so you can probably go ahead and assume that there'll be some muted blues and reds thrown about the place, a sex on the beach that costs about a grand, and also a hammock.

A five-piece in-house band will also be on hand to provide all of the rich people spending their evening here with some fine, fine tunes.

Oh yeah, and all the cocktails are legitimately parrot themed. We are not joking. It sounds amazing.

And expensive.


You can find out more about The Parrot over on their website here (it's very fancy).