Those Insta-famous candy floss ice creams have arrived in Ireland 10 months ago

Those Insta-famous candy floss ice creams have arrived in Ireland

It's the ice cream we never knew we needed.

It's time for donuts to take a step aside, and for unicorn cake to take a seat.

Cotton candy and ice cream have now been combined in an Instagramable and tasty treat that has taken over our social media feeds - and now you can get it in Ireland.

Dublin-based ice cream parlour Whipped have come up with three new versions of the ice cream that will make your summer days so much better.

Introducing, The Cloud.

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The Cloud has technically been around since December, but it's only with the recent heatwave (and general summer season) that it's really captured our attention.

Basically, it's a cloud of candy floss surrounding a vanilla soft-serve ice cream cone - and piles of extra toppings.

What more could you want, really?

Whipped have three different flavours of 'cloud' available, with each one sounding more delicious than the last.

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True Romance, which has red, pink and white sprinkles, caramel sauce, love hearts and bits of chocolate.

The Lucky Charm, with heaps of...well, Lucky Charms and sprinkles.

Unicorn Dreams, which has pink, purple and silver sparkles, a strawberry (or just generally pink) wafer, and little pink, white and orange stars.

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As for how much they'll set you back? Every Cloud costs €5.

Each one of the sweet treats can be found at their three ice cream parlours: one in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Dundrum Town Centre and Swords' Pavilions.