What is the most photographed food on Instagram? 2 years ago

What is the most photographed food on Instagram?

We were not expecting this... at all.

Don't get us wrong - we love the dish and if one was put in front of us we'd eat it up in a heartbeat, but with trends such as Buddha bowls, charcoal ice cream and sushi bagels, we wouldn't imagine a pretty ordinary dish would come in first place.


Stay In Cornwall analysed UK Instagram data to discover the top ten foods on the social media site... and CURRY came out as number one.

Below is the top ten:

  1. Curry - 551,701 posts
  2. Avocado - 271,789 posts
  3. Fish and chips - 63,856 posts
  4. Yorkshire pudding - 51,556 posts
  5. Cream tea - 45,189 posts
  6. Sausage roll - 29,113 posts
  7. Trifle - 11,359 posts
  8. Chip buttie - 9,121 posts
  9. Cornish pasty - 6,393 posts
  10. Beef wellington - 2,432 posts

As the research was carried out in the UK, it's no surprise that the food list has a uniquely British feel to it, but seeing as we're only across the pond we don't it would be that different, compared to the likes of the US, or Australia.

We have to admit we do love a curry... and some avocado toast.