Ireland’s favourite hangover cures are as delicious as you might expect 3 years ago

Ireland’s favourite hangover cures are as delicious as you might expect

They might not be the healthiest options, but by God, do they go down well the day after a few pints.

Someday, someone will become very rich by inventing a hangover cure that is 100% guaranteed to remove the awful feeling that many experience the day after a night on the tiles, but until they do, we’ll continue to persist with tried and tested remedies that sometimes do the trick.


In most cases, curing a hangover involves spending the day as lazily and in as much comfort as possible, indulging guilt-free in the type of food and drink that you’d spend the rest of the week trying to avoid.

Research by Jurys Inn has proved that Irish people have quite predictable habits when it comes to curing hangovers, with the vast majority of us turning to the cupboards for comfort.

A survey of 1,000 people revealed that, with 35% of the vote, the traditional fry up was the most popular hangover cure, followed by Lucozade (18%), chicken fillet roll (11%), chocolate (10%), Berocca (9%) and curry chips (8%).

Perhaps surprisingly, meanwhile, less than one in ten (8%) said that the old hair of the dog was their most reliable hangover cure, although to be fair, that’s not something a lot of people are willing to consider until they’ve got some soakage in with some of the options above first.

Elsewhere in the survey, it emerged that the traditional roast dinner was Ireland’s favourite meal (32% of the vote) ahead of dishes such as a fish supper, Spaghetti Bolognese, bacon and cabbage, and Shepherd’s pie.


Red sauce (70% of the vote) was Ireland’s favourite garnish of choice, rashers are ever so slightly more popular than sausages (52%-48%) and Irish people still prefer a mug of tea to a cup of coffee (57%-43%).

When it comes to etiquette at the dinner table, meanwhile, using one’s phone at the table was listed as the most annoying habit (52%), even more annoying than burping/passing wind (45%), fussy eaters (32%), indecisive orderers (18%) and food stealers (13%).

All that information about hangovers is probably the last thing you need of a Monday morning, but it could come in handy this time next week, with yet another Bank Holiday weekend just around the corner.