Ireland's wedding cake trends are changing - and they're getting more creative each year 11 months ago

Ireland's wedding cake trends are changing - and they're getting more creative each year

Ah, wedding cake.

The least exciting part of any wedding event.

Ah c'mon, it is. It comes after the food, after the speeches, after aunt Mary's eighteenth gin and slim line tonic.

It's the part that everybody's excited for... and equally does not care one bit about once it arrives.

And who can blame us really? After all, so many of them are still filled with the ever-so-traditional fruit and cream - the combination that nobody actually enjoys at but still picks at just "because it's there."

Thankfully, times are changing though.

In fact, they already have, and people are more in the market for food and desserts they actually enjoy at weddings, rather than what's expected of them.

And that goes for cakes too. After all, just because the older relative want it, doesn't mean it's inevitable.

Confetti Magazine editor and author of The Wedding Planner Laura Cunningham says that more and more couples are getting bespoke wedding cakes featuring flavours that they actually like.

And some of them are pretty creative.

"People just aren't into the idea of fruit and cream anymore," she says.

"They might get one tier with fruit just to keep their older relatives happy, but people are mostly going for what they want these days, and what their guests will actually eat.

"Things like chocolate biscuit cake are huge, red velvet, lemon drizzle. My brother actually had one tier with Guinness cake and Baileys frosting, so anything goes, really."

New research compiled by Domino's shows that 50 percent of people have been fed wedding food that they weren't all that into, with 71 percent saying that they would serve their favourite food at their own wedding.

And yeah, turns out a lot of people's favourite food is actually pizza.

And chocolate biscuit cake. Obviously.