Just Eat is now delivering LEON so you can get your healthy food fix at lunch time 3 years ago

Just Eat is now delivering LEON so you can get your healthy food fix at lunch time

Looking for something healthy to eat?

If you have a busy lifestyle it can be hard to eat healthy. While most days we try to prepare our lunches and dinners in advance, there will be some days that we just slip, or don't have time to make anything remotely nutritious.


On those days, we don't want to fall off the bandwagon. We will do so well eating the right food and exercising that we don't want to ruin it with a shitty, gloopy roll from the deli in our local Spar.

Options can sometimes be limited, and if you don't want to trek across town to enjoy your lunch, what are you meant to do?

Well, LEON just opened up in Temple Bar last month, and now it has been announced that Just Eat is now delivering it to your door.


You'll be able to order breakfast, lunch and dinner from LEON's delivery menu, which is inspired by the flavours, variety and hearty healthiness of the Mediterranean diet. The menu is full of plants, herbs, spices, good fats, seeds and nuts, so you need not worry about breaking your healthy eating streak.

Stuart Fitzgerald, MD of LEON said: "LEON's Irish launch has been incredibly positive. We've been overwhelmed with the kindness and the genuine warm welcome we've received from the people of Dublin.


"It's great to see our guests enjoying naturally fast food in Temple Bar every day and we're excited to announce that we are expanding our reach through our partnership with Just Eat."

You will be able to order LEON on Just Eat from 8am to 8pm Monday to Wednesday, 8am to 10pm Thursday to Saturday and 10am to 8pm on Sunday.