Kerrygold butter has been banned in one American state 3 years ago

Kerrygold butter has been banned in one American state

Imagine a world without real butter.

While it might be healthier, low-fat spread just doesn't taste the same on toast or a fresh crusty bread roll or a scone. We could go on but you get the gist.


People in Wisconsin might find it a little harder to get their dose of proper butter because Kerrygold has been banned in the American state.

Yep, that's right.

The reason being that legislation in Wisconsin means all butter sold there must be tested by the US Department of Agriculture.

However, as The Farmer's Journal explains, Kerrygold is made in Ireland and undergoes all quality controls here which obviously is not in compliance with Wisconsin law.

This has not always been strictly enforced but in recent times, local authorities have been trying to ensure the rule is followed.

However, as consumers have been complaining about the move with some even travelling to stock up on the much-loved butter, a solution might be on the cards.