Is KFC jumping on the clean-eating bandwagon? 5 years ago

Is KFC jumping on the clean-eating bandwagon?

The finger lickin' company has tweeted about the clean-eating burger of our dreams.

Alas, all is not as clean as it seems. On closer inspection it seems like KFC are being the ultimate trolls.


The fast food chain posted about a new burger from their UK and Ireland twitter account.

It boasts a 'chia-seeded cauliflower bun', 'unsweetened almond yoghurt', 'ice cube relish', 'spiralised chicken breast' and '100 percent British kale'.

Now here's the tricky part,


It seems like the collaboration has a legit foodie backing it, with we'll admit, a questionable name, SO did KFC create an Instagram guru to prank the whole lot of us?



The product is due out Monday, so we'll have to wait to try that Ice-Cube relish... sounds slimming though!