KFC is now offering vegan chicken wings and nuggets in the States 2 years ago

KFC is now offering vegan chicken wings and nuggets in the States


Vegan food is all the rage these days.


And so it should be.

It's delicious, it's tasty, it's better for you than food that contains meat unless it's absolutely loaded with bits that aren't good for you and in that case then never mind.

Most of the time though, it is indeed all of the above - and it's only getting increasingly popular as more and more people express interest in eating it and more and more shops and restaurants offer it to customers.

A decent enough situation that's only about to get even more decent, as KFC in the States are now trialling vegan chicken wings and nuggets.

And yes, you're right, you do need them inside of your body right now.

The wings - made from the delicious and weirdly accurate Beyond Meat - are to start being sold today (August 27) in one branch in Atlanta.

The trial will last long enough to give the restaurant a taste (hey hey) of whether their customers are into the whole vegan thing or not.


And if they are, more stores will see the delicious benefits of the new products.

Or, at least, that's how food trials generally work, not entirely sure if this is exactly how this will go down but sure look, we'll see.

The plant-based chicken will be served in green buckets rather the chain's iconic red, and they will boast the tagline 'Kentucky fried miracle.'

Here's hoping these lads go down well in Atlanta.

Please. We need.