KFC outlet had traces of poop in its ice, BBC report finds 6 years ago

KFC outlet had traces of poop in its ice, BBC report finds

BBC show Rip Off Britain has made a discovery at KFC to turn your stomach - or at least turn you off your food.

Researchers were stunned to find bacteria from faeces found on ice that was served in a KFC restaurant in Birmingham.


The discovery was made while undertaking a look into the food hygiene of a number of fast-food and coffee outlets in the UK. Dr Margarita Gomez Escalada, a scientist who found the bacteria, said anyone who consumed the tainted ice would be at risk of becoming ill.


She told the programme:

"We found high levels of bacteria in the ice. The presence of faecal coliform suggests that there's faecal contamination either on the water that made the ice, or the ice itself, and so it increases the risk of getting sick from consuming this ice.


KFC said it was extremely disappointed and had launched an investigation.

The episode of Rip Off Britain, included undercover researchers visiting a branch in the UK, including Costa in Loughborough, the Chicken Cottage in Hampstead, a Café Nero in Bath and the Wimpy in Basildon, as well as the KFC at Martineau Place in Birmingham.

When there, they asked for a glass of tap water with ice, which is a good indicator of behind-the-scenes hygiene.

Most of the samples that were taken turned up with harmless levels of bacteria when tested, Rip Off Britain said.