KitKat is about to launch mint chocolate bars and we are excited and intrigued 6 months ago

KitKat is about to launch mint chocolate bars and we are excited and intrigued

Mint is hands-down the best flavour to combine with chocolate and if you think otherwise you're wrong.

Aero, mint chocolate chip ice cream, After Eights, when you eat something chocolatey shortly after brushing your teeth (just us?) - all serious examples of how perfect a pairing these two are.

As it happens, KitKats are the best chocolate bars out there (and if you think otherwise you're wrong) so we're very pleased that mint chocolate KitKats are about to happen.

Yeah, we all have chocolate fatigue after eating seven eggs and twelve bars last weekend but this news has us very excited.

The new bar will, according to parent company Hershey's, consist of a mint crème topping, dark chocolate on the bottom and the classic layers of crispy KitKat wafer in the middle.

Sounds like heaven, TBH.

While KitKat has released lots of limited edition new flavours in the past, the company promises that the mint chocolate bar will be a permanent addition to the range.

We'll have to wait a while to taste this though - it'll only become available in the US in December, with no news on when it'll land on these shores.

The mint chocolate offering comes less than a year after KitKat brought out its millennial pink bar.

This bar was created using Ruby cocoa beans which have an intense fruity taste, meaning no need to add any artificial flavour or colour.

If that weren't enough, KitKat also previously released a lemon drizzle bar.

We didn't know that there ever was a demand for a lemon-flavoured chocolate but nonetheless, people were excited.