Did you know you can bake the most delicious cake using just ice cream and flour? 1 year ago

Did you know you can bake the most delicious cake using just ice cream and flour?

Got a tub of ice cream at the back of the freezer?

Go grab it – and bake yourself the most delicious cake bread – as a Sunday evening treat.


I have seen recipes for ice cream bread (although bread is a bit misleading – it is definitively more cake-like) floating around, but hadn't really tried it for myself until just recently.

The concept of ice cream bread isn't actually new. In 2005, it appeared in a Southern Living recipe, but it's certainly picked up steam recently on social media, with #icecreambread racking up more than 9 million views on TikTok.

However – I was sceptical at first – how the heck can mixing ice cream and flour and baking it turn into something other than a giant mess?

Well – guess what – I was wrong.


This perfectly soft and moist bread is more like a lovely cake, and the best bit? You can use whichever ice cream flavour you got. Even better? You can add in things like sprinkles, nuts and cookie bits like Oreos.

After a quick Pinterest search, I came across this very simple and delicious-sounding recipe at Midgetmomma.com and she has some great tips too.

"When you are making this 2-ingredient bread recipe you can use any flavour ice cream," she writes. "The only thing you can not do, is use a low-fat or a low sugar ice cream. You need all of the full flavour ingredients for this bread recipe to work."


Ice Cream Bread Ingredients

  • ice cream – any flavour you want to use.
  • self-rising flour
  • rainbow sprinkles (optional)
  • add-ins (optional)

For the instructions on how to make this yummy bread, head on over to Midgetmomma.com