Summer is finally on the way and this lactose-free avo shake is just what you need 2 years ago

Summer is finally on the way and this lactose-free avo shake is just what you need

Brought to you by Avonmore Lactose Free milk. 

Any lactose intolerant people in the building?


Being lactose intolerant isn't always easy. You want the milkshake, but if you drink it, chances are you'll feel unwell soon after.

It seems like you're always in that limbo between actually liking milk but knowing you'll regret drinking it later, when the cramps and bloating start.

No more, we say. Or at least Avonmore says. Because Avonmore Lactose Free milk is the answer to your milk-loving dreams. It's got that delicious creaminess that you only get with real milk but it won't make your tummy protest after you drink it.

So we decided to take advantage of this great product and make a lactose-free version of one of our favourite refreshing drinks.

Enjoy it. Your tummy will.

The ultimate (lactose-free) avocado shake


Serves: 2


1 avocado (make sure it's ripe!)
1 banana
250 g pineapple chunks
375 ml Avonmore Lactose Free milk
3 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp honey or agave
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp nutmeg


1. Chop avocado and banana into chunks.
2. Throw them into a blender with the pineapple chunks and the milk. Blend until smooth.
3. Throw in the rest of the ingredients and mix until frothy.
4. Pour into a glass and enjoy.


Bonus tip: if you want to make it even more like a milkshake, freeze the banana and pineapple chunks before blending.


There's no reason that you can't enjoy the deliciousness of milk even if your body can't handle that lactose.

Brought to you by Avonmore Lactose Free milk


If you love milk but are lactose intolerant, here's some very good news. Avonmore Lactose Free milk has all the taste and nutritional benefits you would expect from Avonmore, just without the lactose. Yes you can, with Avonmore Lactose Free milk. Please visit your GP for a proper diagnosis if you think you might be lactose intolerant.