Lidl launches new pre-mixed gin cocktails, right in time for the weekend 4 months ago

Lidl launches new pre-mixed gin cocktails, right in time for the weekend

Any plans for the bank holiday?

You're allowed to have them now, remember?

Chances are with the incredible weather a considerable number of us will be out in force - in groups of no more than four - enjoying the sun, the time off, and the fact that we are permitted to see our friends again.

While social distancing, of course.

Lucky for us, there are plenty of things we can be doing this weekend that don't involve being within two metres of another person.

Like a picnic in the park, for example. Or a stroll along the coast. Or a very, very small exercise class.

But if you fancied adding a little something special in the form of a gin-based alcoholic beverage into your time off, you're in luck because Lidl have just launched a new range of pre-mixed gin cocktails just in time for the weekend.

They know what they're up to, in fairness.

The new range of Hortus pre-mixed gin cocktails will set you back just €1.99 for a classic G&T, a rhubarb & ginger gin, and gin & pink grapefruit.

For those looking for something a little less extra (who would, though?) cans of Finton's G&T will also be available for €1.49, with Sunrise Mojitos and Sunrise Woo Woos available for the same price.

There'll also be a Deluxe Passionfruit Martini (€1.49) knocking about too, if you're in the market for something a little more glam.

The new range of cocktails can be enjoyed straight from the fridge in their summery colourful cans, or if you want to go all out, they can be poured into a cocktail glass with a garnish.

Spoiled for choice, so you are.

The canned cocktail selection have been available in Lidl's nationwide since Wednesday, May 27.