Looking for a new gin garnish? A gin expert reveals the latest accompaniment 5 years ago

Looking for a new gin garnish? A gin expert reveals the latest accompaniment

Haven't you heard? Lemon and limes are soooooooo 2017.

It is now 2018, a new day has dawned and our favourite tipple is crying out for a new garnish. So hop to the shop and stock up on MELONS - because a gin expert has revealed to Good Housekeeping that this is the garnish of the season and we are all for it.


Why melons? Well according to Sam Carter, Senior Brand Ambassador for Bombay Sapphire gin, he said:

“I love melon because it’s so fresh and melons have got such a vibrant colour to them. They’re fun and unusual.”

He continued...


"I like to put something in a G&T people wouldn’t expect; I like to break with convention. You can get quite a bitter, earthy, dry flavour to gin, so naturally the sweetness of the melon can just balance it out.”

According to Sam, Honeydew or Cantaloupe work best and a nice thick wedge of the fruit will give your drink that added "oomph" of sweetness. Yes please!

On a really daring note...

Sam also revealed that if you are looking for a savoury gin over a sweet one, popping some olive oil into your gin is a surprisingly tasty garnish. He believes it even highlights the "grassy notes of juniper.” I for one am not convinced on the sound of this...yuck. But each to their own, if you have tried this or willing to try it, please do tell us how it tastes by dropping us a tweet @herdotie.


Looking to whip up some gin cocktails? Then you need to try this one (and maybe even add some melon... lets get this trend going) - your friends will thank you!