This simple trick will get your rashers nice and crispy 2 years ago

This simple trick will get your rashers nice and crispy

We're hungry just writing about this.

Crispy bacon is one of life's simple pleasures.


Whether you have it on its own in a sandwich, or add it to a fancy carbonara, it gives a soft, smokey and delicious taste.

However, when it comes to cooking crispy bacon, a few things can go wrong.

If you're frying it, the oil will splatter all over you (and your kitchen), not to mention you're almost always left with a few fatty pieces.

And if you grill them, then you'll know that one second over and they're burnt to a crisp. Rank and totally uneatable.

Well, Delish has carried out some bacon-friendly tests and found that there's a pretty simple ingredient for making your crispy bacon perfect.

And that, ladies... is water.


Yep, a slight cover of water on the bed of the plan will stop the oil from jumping out at you and will also give you the perfect piece of bacon.

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Delish tested this by simply adding oil to one pan and water to another, and both were put on a high heat.

The ones cooked with water were also stringer and less brittle, making them the perfect daytime snack.