Make this super delicious Champagne Jelly with just two ingredients 4 years ago

Make this super delicious Champagne Jelly with just two ingredients

It's sparkle time!

We are positively giddy about the upcoming festive season; Sparkly lights, sparkly dresses and what could be more appropriate than....sparkly dessert!


We had to take a minute when we came across this simple boozy dessert from one of our favourite food bloggers, Baking-Ginger that looks not only easy-to-make, but also low-fat and, of course, bubblicious.

And while we may love the 'spiked' version of it, the kids can get in on the sparkly action with a non-alcoholic treat by using sparkling grape juice instead! Win win.

And this is how simple it is:

Champagne Jelly


500ml of Champagne (sweet, if possible)

6 sheets of gelatin



Put the gelatin leaves in a bowl with cold water (I cup of water per gelatin sheet). Then squeeze the water out of the gelatin. Put the gelatin into another bowl over hot water to melt. Pour the champagne into a jug and slowly stir in the gelatin. Pour the mixture into Champagne glasses and put into the fridge to set overnight. These measurements make about four glasses.

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 15.57.10

There you have it; a refreshing and posh dessert that also looks impressive and even a walking kitchen disaster like myself can do it.

Let's repeat after me like Dora the explorer: Gelatin, Champagne, fridge, EAT THE DESSERT.


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