Apparently we've been making cheese toasties wrong this whole time 2 years ago

Apparently we've been making cheese toasties wrong this whole time


Is there anything more delicious than a cheese toastie?


Absolutely not!

A food fit for many occasions, it can cure a hangover, warm the soul - and be the best dinner when you're broke.

However, it seems as though we've been doing it wrong this whole time.

Most of us make toasties the same way... basically lash cheese (and ham, if you're so inclined) between two slices of buttered bread.

WELL, according to Australian food writer, Tristan Lutze, there's a secret trick to perfecting the toastie.

Basically, coating the outer layer of the bread in mayonnaise.

Initially, we though GROSS - but there's actually a pretty woke method to the madness.


cheese toastie

According to Tristan:

"Once the outside of your bread hits the heat of the sandwich press, a thin layer of mayo will transform into a perfectly even coating of oil that toasts any bread — be it soft white, hearty ciabatta or luxurious brioche — to crispy perfection."

So, you don't run the risk of burning parts of the bread.

The food writer continued, explaining his theory.


"While butter splits into oil and solids, the latter of which burns quickly against the hotplate, mayonnaise is perfectly emulsified, meaning no more blackened patches."

"And whole egg mayonnaise — the kind you buy in a jar — has the same ratio of salt, so you won’t be sacrificing any flavour."

We're convinced.