Man makes a homemade healthy Big Mac... and now thousands of people are trying it 1 year ago

Man makes a homemade healthy Big Mac... and now thousands of people are trying it

We love a Big Mac.

It's one of the tastiest things you can at McDonald's and whether you're getting it to cure a hangover or just because you're hungry, it's a delight to the tastebuds.

Except, you know... it is McDonald's and it's not really the healthiest option out there.

However, a man has created a homemade, healthier Big Mac that people are going crazy for online.

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Daniel Whyte from Australia created the imitation Big Mac and posted it on a Facebook group called Homemade McDonald's.

The group is based around fast food enthusiasts trying their hand at making their fave McDonald's meals at home, and many are quite particular about the meals they create.

Joel Cornell created the Facebook group at told the Mirror: "I used to make 'McDonald's' food for friends at barbecues.

"It was just a bit of fun, but people said, 'hey, this is really good', so I shared some photos of my food online and people were interested. I started the group and it went from there.

"I still eat genuine McDonald's. I had one the other day. But I guess making it at home is something different. And a bit healthier.

"I thought it was funny but I didn't think it would get this big. People keep coming and posting their food pictures."

Joel thinks Daniel's Big Mac was brilliant and says that thousands of people are trying to make it at home.

However, he's quite particular about what he posts in the group, saying that people who post their photos and recipes "must show a basic constructive discussion to a potential cook."

If you fancy checking out the homemade Big Mac or more of people's McDonald's homemade meals, you can visit the Facebook group here.