McDonald's are officially launching their spicy McNuggets in Ireland 11 months ago

McDonald's are officially launching their spicy McNuggets in Ireland

McDonald's Ireland have announced one of their most much-loved products is getting a spicy new makeover.

And it sounds absolutely delicious. 

McDonald's Ireland announced today [July 31] that the first-ever launch of the Spicy McNuggets will be taking place next week.

The fiery product has already been trialed in a number of other areas across the globe, like the United States and Asia.

They have also been made a permeant fixture on the McDonald's menu in Australia, too.

But they have proven to be such a hit that McDonald's are now bringing them to Ireland.

The new version of the much-loved McNugget will officially be available as of Wednesday, August 7.

And for anyone who is looking for a little extra heat, the Spicy McNuggets will be served with a Tabasco-based spicy tomato dip.

It will be available in six, nine and a sharing box of 20 - and, according to reports, will be around the same price as their non-spicy McNugget counterparts.

We've got some bad news, though: the Spicy McNuggets won't be sticking around for very long.

The limited-edition product will be available across the country until September 25.

We'll see you in the queue so, yeah?