This is how McDonald's chicken nuggets are REALLY made 3 years ago

This is how McDonald's chicken nuggets are REALLY made

Sometimes, you just can't beat a McDonald's.

Whether you go for a juicy Big Mac or opt for a  good 'ol wrap, it's safe to say the fast food restaurant saves us after a hangover, or just on days where you need a mighty fill.


And while we've all had the chicken nuggets, there has been many rumours in the past about how exactly the nuggets are made.

Basically - whatever goes... bones and all.

Well, one Youtuber called My Virgin Kitchen went inside McDonald's factory for a day to see how everything was done - and one stop he made was to the nugget station.

Now, the video is sponsored by McDonald's, but it all seems pretty legit.


From the 10 minute video, Barry shows us that it's only the chicken fillets that are used. They're inspected first before going through a grinder to get minced.

"The chicken breast comes in and is inspected by hand before being turned into chicken mince. Now the folks at McDonald's are happy to show [this process].

"It's exactly the same thing [as mincing chicken at home], just on a bigger scale. Just chicken breast ground up and then marinated.


"Yes, marinated for extra flavour. It is then compressed and flattened to make pressing the nugget shapes achievable. There are a variety of stages here, [including] a gentle breadcrumb and batter, then flash frying, before going through a slow freezer. Then they're ready to be bagged up."

So... yeah, that's basically it. Not as manky as we thought after all.