McDonald’s have launched a Gold Card which offers free food... FOR LIFE 1 year ago

McDonald’s have launched a Gold Card which offers free food... FOR LIFE

This needs to come to Ireland!

It is a myth, an urban legend, spoken about in hush tones, its existence rarely confirmed. There’s always someone who claims their cousin’s boyfriend has got one or something, but do you know anyone who as ever actually seen one in the wild?

We are of course talking about the notorious Nando’s ‘black card’ – a special highly exclusive card given to influencers and celebrities, that gives them unlimited free Nando’s to them and five guests. The chain themselves have always declined to confirm the existence of the card, but Ed Sheeran and David Haye have both been photographed with them.

In the US, McDonald's are rumoured to have a similar Gold Card, with Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Rob Lowe said to be owners of them.

But now McDonald’s have announced are giving away a single Gold Card, that will give the holder free food for life.

There are some differences though – first up, at the moment it will only be in the US. And instead of being given to a celeb, any US customer who orders on the McDonald’s phone app between August 10 to August 24 will be entered into a draw to be awarded the first Gold Card.

The winner will also receive a 24-karat-gold-plated phone case.

The text on the case states that it is “one of a kind”, so we don’t know if any more cards will be given out.

But let’s hope some come to Ireland... and fast!