McDonald's has some new menu items and we are HERE for that breakfast roll 3 years ago

McDonald's has some new menu items and we are HERE for that breakfast roll

Smarties McFlurry is back!

You know, we were just saying that we needed a few new McDonald's items on the menu and they must have heard us because, starting next Wednesday, there will be FIVE new permanent items coming to McDonald's (woohoo!).


A lot of these items are great for anyone who just wants to quickly grab a bit of a snack or a fast light lunch and doesn't want to go all out for a breaded McChicken burger with all the toppings (not that we don't LOVE that too).

McDonald's has brought in a brand new Chicken Salad for anyone who wants to forego the burger. You'll have the choice of crispy chicken or grilled chicken with a balsamic dressing (plus the option of adding bacon if you're feeling adventurous). There's also a new Hot Cajun Chicken wrap for all the wrap lovers out there. It's made from either crispy chicken or grilled chicken and has Cajun sauce, Pepper Jack cheese, tomato, jalapeño slices and lettuce. Drooling.

McDonald's has also announced the return of their scrumptious Smarties McFlurry, which we had SORELY missed. This isn't just a summer flavour either, Smarties is being added to the permanent McFlurry menu so it's here to stay. Such a classic.


The item that we're probably most excited for is the new Bacon Breakfast Roll. I mean, it's a 100% necessary addition and we shall be picking up breakfast there at the earliest convenience once these babies are launched next week. The butty will contain not one, not two, but three rashers on a sourdough-style bun. We can definitely see this becoming our go-to after a particularly lively night out.

McDonald's is also taking a few eco-friendly steps with their new menu - salads will now come in sustainable and renewable containers and they're swapping out the plastic lids on McFlurrys. Both of those changes will remove hundreds of metric tons of plastic a year. G'wan McDonald's.

These menu changes and additions are coming to McDonald's next Wednesday, 26 June. Our tummies are ready.