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McDonald's has started selling pizza and we're frankly pretty delighted
Road trip anyone?

Introducing the McPizza.

For some reason we cannot imagine wanting to order pizza at McDonald's but now it's an actual option.

Coming in two sizes "family" or "personal", the McPizza has a variety of toppings from plain ol' cheese to pepperoni to deluxe which contains all the trimmings.

And surprisingly, from the pictures that have emerged on social media, the pizzas don't look too shabby.

However, before you rush out the door down to the local Maccy D's, I must inform you that the McPizza is in fact only available at three participating restaurants in the US. Ohio, West Virginia and Florida are the chosen three to test drive this new addition.

But it looks like we could be seeing this idea rolled out over here, if the demand for the McPizza continues to grow. According to the Business Insider, some people are even travelling across states just to try it. Madness.

We contacted McDonald's to see whether or not these pies will be appearing on our menu but there was no response.


Our thoughts on this are still conflicted. Hmmm.


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Everyone seems to be loving the McPizza and giving the taste a thumbs up.



I can die happily now #mcdonaldspizza #mcdonalds #yum

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